CCMM stands for Centre Communautaire Musulman de Montréal and was established in 1999 mainly by the lebanese community. Located in St-Leonard, the Centre is dedicated to meet the spiritual, social and educational needs of Muslims in
The Rights of Fellow Muslims (Part 1)
The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) said: He who grieves a true Muslim cannot then compensate for it by offering him the entire world because it is not sufficient compensation (unless he repents and appeases the said person).
Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 75, p. 150
Les calendriers CCMM 2018 sont disponibles aux endroits suivants
Monday, 01 January 2018

Les calendriers CCMM 2018 sont disponibles aux endroits suivants:

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Pour Montréal, Québec


Hussein you are, light of my eyes...And with your name, I start to rise...And then I start to shed a tear...For what occurred Hussein my dear.