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Les Droits Des Proches Parents
Les proches (ceux qui ont un lien de sang avec nous) des côtés paternel et maternel sont les membres constituants d'une société, et on devient un membre de la famille par le lien du sang et les cellules communes. A cause de ces liens du sang, l'Islam commande à ses adeptes de traiter leurs proches parents avec bonté. Cet aspect du devoir du Musulman a été souligné aussi bien dans le Saint Coran que dans les Traditions des Dirigeants de l'Islam. Ainsi, Allah dit, dans le Coran :
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The Prophet’s Commandments In Travel Sugg�rer par mail

144. When he used to travel, he used to take with him: a mirror, kohl bottle, natural flosser, comb, nail cutter, scent bottle, needle and threads.

145. He walked humbly, equipoised, never slanted or walked in a manner which implied that he was careless or lazy.

146. He used to walk in one road, and return by another.

147. While traveling, if he descended, he’d hail God, and if he ascended, he’d praise God.

148. He never left the place he passed through in his travel, whether a house, station or any other, without praying 2 units (rak’aa), for this place to witness for his prayer.

149. If he fare-welled the believers, he’d pray for them for safety and victory. And from what he said was: “God supply you with piety, and direct you to what is good, and give you all your needs, and may God preserve your religion and life, and return you to me safely”.

150. The prophet hated that a person travels alone, without companions…. And it is favorable to take your expenses with you in your travel.

151. It is favorable when entering the toilet, to enter it by the left leg, cover the head and cite some prayers.

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