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Bien que l'Islam ait déconseillé à ses adeptes de s'abandonner au luxe et aux ornements, et qu'il les oriente plutôt vers les vertus, la spiritualité et les Bénédictions du monde futur, il les a aussi dissuadés de mener une vie monastique et de s'abstenir des bénédictions de ce monde. Le Saint Coran s'oppose explicitement à la pensée monastique et dit à ce propos:
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The Prophet’s Commandments When Intending to Sleep Sugg�rer par mail
90. When the prophet entered his home, he’d directly wash-up (ablution) and pray 2 brief units (rak’aa) and then go to bed; he used to sleep on a straw mat with nothing beneath.

91. He despised to enter into a dark house without a lantern.

92. When he used to lie on his bed to sleep, he’d say: “O God! With your Name I live, and on Your Name I die”.

93. When he awakens he’d say: “Thank God Who revived me after my death and to Him is the resurrection”.

94. Also, when he awakens, he’d directly fall to the ground in adoration and worship to God.

95. And it is favorable at sleep to:

Clean up (ablution), sleep on your right side by making your right hand your pillow, praise God 33 times, thank God 33 times, hail God 34 times, direct your face to the prayer’s niche, read The Introduction chapter, and The Chair verse and (Allah bears witness that there is no God but He, and so do the angels and those possessed of knowledge, maintaining his creation with justice, there is no God but He, The Mighty, The Wise). The Family of Imran-18

96. From the favorable actions of our prophet (PBUHH) was to burn out the midnight oil by praying the night payer.
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