CCMM stands for Centre Communautaire Musulman de Montréal and was established in 1999 mainly by the lebanese community. Located in St-Leonard, the Centre is dedicated to meet the spiritual, social and educational needs of Muslims in
Social Interactions
Courteous social relations with Allah (S.W.T.)'s creation while avoiding all acts of disobedience to Him is a sign of Allah (S.W.T.)'s excessive generosity with His bondsman. Whoever is sincere and humble before Allah (S.W.T.) in his innermost being will have good social interaction externally.
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Monday, 20 February 2012

CCMM's Weekly Program

 Thursday  Duaa Kumail and Ziyara 7:30 PMWelcome to all 
 Friday Speach with Prayers (Dohr & Asr)
 12:00 PM
Welcome to all 
 Saturday  Weekly session about different islamic topics 7:30 PMWelcome to all


Prayer Times

Pour Montréal, Québec


Imam Ali Al-Ridha (AS) said: Nothing is more worthy than good temper.