CCMM stands for Centre Communautaire Musulman de Montréal and was established in 1999 mainly by the lebanese community. Located in St-Leonard, the Centre is dedicated to meet the spiritual, social and educational needs of Muslims in
The Rights of Fellow Muslims (Part 1)
The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) said: He who grieves a true Muslim cannot then compensate for it by offering him the entire world because it is not sufficient compensation (unless he repents and appeases the said person).
Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 75, p. 150
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Two Different Conceptions of Ijtihad E-mail
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
The term ijtihad as used in the writings of scholars of different Islamic sects conveys two different meanings, each of which gives rise to different viewpoints regarding the sources of Shar'i ahkam. In the first conception ijtihad means derivation of Shar`i hukm through personal judgement and ray for an issue for which the mujtahid does not find any express text in the Quran or the Sunnah. Such a meaning of ijtihad is found in the writings of `Abd al‑Wahhab al‑Khallaf and most of Sunni fuqaha' also subscribe to this view.
The Battle Of Hunayn E-mail
Saturday, 01 September 2012

It was the usual practice with the Prophet that whenever he conquered a region he personally looked after its political problems and the religious matters of its inhabitants so long as he stayed there and as and when he left that place he appointed there suitable persons on different posts.

The Battle of Uhud E-mail
Saturday, 01 September 2012
Sample ImageReasons for the battle of Uhud

The Qureshites came out from the Battle of Badr with an astonishing result which they did not expect. They were confident of their capability to annihilate the Muslims easily. Because of they were more numerous and with a bigger reserve and more logistics.
Hamzah Ibn Abdel Muttalib E-mail
Saturday, 01 September 2012

 Sample ImageSon nom: Hamzah Ibn Abdel Muttalib Ibn Hâshim Ibn Abd Manâf, le Quraïshite, le Hashémite. On le surnomme Abû Imârah.

8th Shawwal - Destruction of Baqi cemetery opposite Prophets E-mail
Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sample Image

On 21st April 1925, (8th Shawwal 1345 A.H.), the Islamic world witnessed a tragedy of unprecedented dimension: one of the Islam's Holiest Places, Jannatul-Baqi was demolished by Saudi Government
History of the Cemetery of Jannat Al-Baqi At Medina
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